How to sign players to your team

  • Hi Guest! Confused about signing players to your team? Then head on over to: Signing Players for a detailed step by step on how to sign players!
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To sign players for your team, make sure you have your team tag and manager tag attached to your name, if you do not, ask one of your admins to add them to your profile.

Next head on over to here and select the Free Agent Signing Area. Make sure you choose the right console as well. Xbox comes first and then Playstation is next



Once you have found the right area, you will come to a section that looks like this:

Hit the thread title section and type in your team name, for example, "VCC Chelsea Signings" then in the body of the text start tagging your players into it, use the @ and then their psn and the site will show them up.

If they haven't signed up yet then they will need to sign up before they will get tagged, once they have been they will also get a notification on site and via their email as well.
They will then need to say I confirm and then as long as they're not signed to a team, banned or otherwise ineligible to play than an admin will go through and add them to your squad
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